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Ojos de Caburgua, Pucon Chile
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We will be introducing you to some of the top-rated local Chilean builders and land developers. You will see many of the breathtakingly beautiful Real Estate offers to be found for a fraction of the cost of similar types in the USA and elsewhere. We will enable you to speak with expatriates from the USA, Germany, Canada, Holland, France and many other countries, as well. Each of these Expats have made Chile their permanent home after living for many years in a different location. Some are from the USA or elsewhere, but each has an experience they are more than willing to share. You will be able to see and hear for yourself exactly what Chile has to offer to and for YOU! We have no need spread hype about moving to or living in Chile, the Real Estate in Chile retirement in Chile. We have no need to dish about anything other than the truly remarkable life changes we have each experienced. We simply wish to offer tours with facts and straight talk about exactly what is needed to invest in a business, buy Chilean Real Estate and, if needed, to supply you with lists detailing the requirements for relocating or retirement in Chile.  We can also assist your purchase of Real Estate in Chile. Chile IS one of the last great places on Earth to enjoy freedom without fear a at a price one can afford to relocate or retire in comfort.

Come along with us and you will see why we chose Chile as THE place to move, retire and buy Real Estate. We sold our business and our home of over 26 years! We moved everything we owned and we have not regretted one, single second!   

Property in Pucon Chile. View of Lago Villarica
Volcan Villarica
Chile Investment and Retirement Seminar

Your tour includes an informative half-day seminar on Investment and Immigration conducted by such prominent Chilean professionals as lawyers, accountants, bankers, Government officials, Chilean businessman as well as Expatriates. You will be provided with all of the necessary information you require and the answers to any questions you may have. We want you to get the most out of your Chile-Yen Insider's Tour!

You will learn the how-to's and why's concerning the benefits of Chilean property ownership. You will learn why we feel Chile has one of the most open and transparent economies in the world and is poised to be the next and BEST new frontier in the Global Economy. As we travel around Chile we see the California of forty years ago. With open spaces and new development cropping up, Chilean property prices are well below the world market. Also, Chile is the leading Latin American Economy in the World today. Foreigners are welcome and are given Constitutional guarantees regarding the safety of our/your money as well as fair and just treatment under the law.

Your Chile Investment Tour Includes
Deluxe Four and Five-Star Accomodations  
Daily Breakfasts
Lunches and Dinners as specified in the Itinerary
All Airport Shuttles and Listed Transportation
Round Trip Airfare between Santiago and Temuco
Half-day Investment and Relocation Seminar
Knowledgeable English-speaking Guides
Bottled Water Throughout Your Journey
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Custom Personal Tours Now Available!

 Please note that if your schedule just cannot be adjusted to match our tour schedules or perhaps privacy is your preference, we can create a "just-for-you" property viewing experience. We strive to provide every possible amenity needed to ensure your enjoyment, safety and security. Chile-YenTours likes to make dreams happen and we also prefer to believe that nothing is impossible!

Chile Real Estate Investment and retirement Tours Prices and Schedules

Upcoming 2005-2006 Tours

Schedules                                         Prices
December 4 - 11                              $2495
January     8 - 15 High Season         $2695
February 19 - 26 High Season        $2695
 March     12 - 19                             $2495
  April         2 - 9                                $2495
  April      23 - 30                              $2495

Prices are per person based on double occupancy. For a single supplement, please add $495 to above prices.

Your Chile Investment Tour Does Not Include
International Airfare to Chile
Gifts and Incidental Purchases
Personal Effects and/or Medications
Drinks and Meals except as Indicated in Itinerary
Separate Side Excursions not Indicated in Itinerary
Items not Listed in the Itinerary as "Included"

Zapallar, Bluffs above the Sea
Cactus meets the Sea, Zapallar Chile
Main Street, Pucon Chile

In the USA
452 Ralston Street
Reno NV 89503
Phone: 1 415 226-1243

In Chile
Cassilla 369
Pucon Chile
Phone: 56 45 44-3382

USA Fax Number: 1 480 275-3770
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Keep in mind that January and February are the peak Summer months on the bottom half of the world. This is the ideal time to travel to Chile!