Come One Come All!

Now, if you have an idea for a new business, there may be no better place than Chile to try out your idea because Chile welcomes businesses of all types, labor costs are minimal and in some cases, you just might get assistance FROM the Chilean government if they feel your idea is worthwhile... NO Al Capones, please! Also, citizens from around the world are welcome in Chile and International Tourism is on the increase. Actually, the Chileans themselves are a very active tourist market.

So How About a Job!

As can be found in most countries today, if you are thinking about relocating to Chile and would desire employment, it is possible to retain the services of a head-hunter or employee search firm. Obviously a command of the Spanish language would be quite helpful but keep in mind, the language of International Business is English. It is also possible that your new employer may cover relocation costs AND arrange for your all-important Work Visa!
For those who are thinking of locating an employer or finding a job in Chile, we listed some links to get you started:

Also, on our website we have a spreadsheet available as a free download. Go to . A very good friend of ours created this spreadsheet. He used it to successfully obtain a new job with a large Santiago, Chile-based company. The spreadsheet is a listing of head-hunter type firms active in Chile. There are contacts listed but please keep in mind that these may be a little outdated in some cases. Also, feel free to use this spreadsheet as he did to track his progress and monitor his follow-ups.

We hope this has given you a better idea of the types of opportunities available to anyone thinking about making beautiful, wonderful Chile your new home. While there are literally thousands of opportunities from franchises to retail, manufacturing or more, all that is really needed is that "Leap of Faith," and your first step forward. We think the writing is on the wall in the USA saying that right now is a good time to make a change while you still can and WHILE there are still many wonderful opportunities to be found!
In Chile, we see a good, strong economy, an active and upwardly-mobile population with a healthy middle class and minimal government restrictions. This too can all be yours if you and your family desire to "Just Do It!" Also, we know of a very nice young Chilean La
wyer (abagado) who speaks excellent English. Nicolas would be happy to assist you with your Purchase Contract, Incorporating or almost any legal matters you may require. We met Nicolas at a friend's Asado (Chilean BBQ) and since then we have referred a ste ady stream of new clients to him. He comes highly recommended and his father is an Architect, if you should need some help designing your new Chilean home!

For more information about these opportunities as well as any new ones we may come across, feel free to contact us through our website:
. We will refer you to the appropriate parties after we screen through the emails and determine the level of your interest. Serious inquiries only, please!

Chao for Now!

Business and Career Opportunities in Chile
Hola from Chile! Our last article concerned Chile's interest in attracting "Smart Capital." Since that article hit cyber-space, we were once again over-run with requests for more detailed information such as how one can go about finding employment and/or business investment opportunities here.
Unexpectedly, many of the people who contacted us were from within Chile who had business opportunities currently available! We already knew of a few, but WOW! If anyone out there is interested, we just might have THE connection for whatever you are seeking or maybe we can at least point you in the right direction!
With this in mind we decided we would expand on the “opportunities in Chile” theme a bit in order to more full
y support our readers. We are also going to be working on and updating our website and adding new opportunities as they become available or as we become aware of them. Also you will find some links to job search tools in Chile. We wish you “Buena Suerte!”
First, we will explain the types of opportunities we alluded to in our prior article. We will start with the high-end opportunities and move on down to the less expensive. We feel we should add that tag in case John Q. Public had a case of sticker shock with some of the first listings.

Large Corporate Investments

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On a grand scale we know of a couple larger ($100,000,000+ USD) corporations who are looking for an infusion of capital, better technology, know-how and personnel. We are willing to make the proper introductions upon request and as circumstances warrant.
In this sector is a corporation that has submitted an application to the government of Chile for a hotel/casino/family entertainment business to the tune of $94,000,000 USD plus or minus. While this particular project has not been issued government approval as of this writing, it is likely it will be given to the corporation that has applied and this is a major project. The developers are interested in finding a US-based investor/operator with casino operations experience to participate in this project. Currently there is the developer and another investor with holdings/operations in four countries including Peru, Venezuela, Aruba and Slovakia. Anyone out there interested?

Another larger-scale opportunity is with an established Chilean tract home builder who would entertain the prospect of a US-based home builder willing to invest in this company and (P
LEASE!!!!) bring their knowledge of home building with them. That "please" in parentheses is from someone in this family (“It's me, your wife Bonnie, Gary!”) who misses a few creature comforts we all had grown used to up north. WHY they are not to be found here is a mystery to the both of us! This builder is seeking the expertise of a US-based homebuilder to infuse their knowledge of home building and corporate operations into this Chilean corporation. (“Por favor?” Bon P).
Land Development – $1,500,000 US D
Your Very Own Fishing Lodge – $380,000 USD

Fish Farming in the Lakes District of Chile + Lease for Hydro-Electric Power Generation – $1,200,000 USD

In the area of Pucon, about 6 km out of the town itself is a truly unique investment opportunity! You may or may not know this, but Chile happens to be the SECOND largest salmon producer in the entire world! Norway is the largest. Wow, we learn new things every day!
Here is a little lesson in fish farming. First the salmon eggs are hatched, fed and put in large, clean tanks where they are kept in fresh, oxygenated water. The final cycle in the life of a farm-raised salmon's life is spent in pens in the ocean. Like we said, this is a unique business. The land where the hatchery is located also comes with water rights. All of the groundwork has been laid for this business and one of the two existing partners is a very intelligent, sharp English-speaking Chilean woman. A feasibility study has been performed and all the research for the land, water rights and the business model as well as the land and water rights themselves are a part of this investment.
The fish farm is structured in such a way that when the larger salmon-producing companies deliver a truckload of eggs along with those eggs, they bring the food as well. Several months later, the trucks come to pick up the young fish for transportation to a second farm. One of the partners has a young biologist on staff to oversee the entire project and make sure that all sanitation, safety concerns or any other potential issues are attended to immediately.
The approximate investment required for this project, including the property which is over 150 acres and the water rights (water rights are very important!), etc., is about $1.5 million USD or if you would prefer to be a partial investor, we have two existing clients who are willing to offer a three-way split with your portion of $500,000 USD as an investment. Everything is up for negotiation.
Contact us through our website if you desire more information.
A great secondary stream of income from this fish farm and perhaps another investment opportunity for the right person is a micro hydro-electric plant. You can either explore this as an investment yourself or it would be possible to lease the rights to another investor to develop and sell the hydro-based electricity.
There is so much water flowing through this parcel, there are ample resources for the fish farm as well as the hydro-electric plant. Since virtually all of the area's electricity is generated a significant distance away, it is more beneficial for the power company to purchase its power locally. This opens up an opportunity for mini hydro-electric generation.

Hotel with a View of the Lake and the Volcano! – $700,000 USD

A main tourist location on the shores of a beautiful lake is a very nice 13 room hotel with a bar and a restaurant. This hotel is loaded with charm and character. This sale includes the real estate and you can begin making money from day one!

If it's a Restaurant You are Looking for – $505,000 USD

Located in a major tourist town, this is an established restaurant including six rooms with private baths for rental income. Include breakfast with room or not. Convenient and popular with views of the lake and the volcano. We can refer you to the person who can provide you with more information and photos.

On the Lighter (Easier on the Wallet) Side

On a more modest scale, we have come across several opportunities for any of you small business types who may be thinking about a change of scenery but still need to make a living or perhaps you just want to keep busy. We can help you do that, oh, and with a change of address too!

First up is a beautiful seven bedroom, seven bath (all ensuite) lodge south of Puerto Montt, in the X Region of Chile (all Regions in Chile are denoted by Roman Numerals. The “X” does not stand for “X-Rated!” This lodge has an established reputation for splendor and excellence because the lodge itself is a work of art and the surroundings are but a few examples of Mother Nature's finest work! The clientele includes the former President of Chile, Mr. Lagos, himself!

Since this property has river frontage along with another great river nearby, its potential as a fishing lodge immediately springs to our minds. It is not currently being used with that thought in mind, largely because the current owners aren't ardent fishermen/women. It is currently owned and operated by a husband and wife team but there is competent help available in the local community should you not wish to do any of the work yourself. Perhaps you are more interested in guiding fishing excursions and leaving the cooking and cleaning to some competent local help. The owners currently occupy this lodge, as well.

There is great potential here for the right investor/operator(s). The lodge is located just a short distance from a small fishing town on the shores of the Bay of Ancud. It sits (river's edge!) on one hectare of land and the road up to the lodge has been recently widened and improved. It is also located in a NO PROPERTY TAX ZONE, YAY!

If one was inclined to turn this fully-furnished 4,000 plus sq.ft. guest house into a fishing lodge, make note that many fishing lodges in the southern part of Chile, charge upwards of $500 USD a day, all-inclusive (that means everything from fishing guides, tackle, boats and food, folks!). To also have the bathroom en suite is a luxury, as well because most lodges make you share a bathroom. The lodge has benefited from a steady stream of customers and there are many repeat customers also. It has been lovingly and beautifully maintained which makes this spot even more desirable, but we are most likely biased, since the owners are personal friends of ours!

Restaurant Along the Main Highway in Front Modern Custom Home in the Back! – $310,000 USD

If you read our last newsletter, you know we wrote about the Super Special Opportunity to own a fantastic piece of paradise, 142 hectares or 355 acres, depending on how much or what you would like to purchase, since the owner is more than willing to negotiate and split his parcel. The sky's the limit on this one, folks!

Just thinking of owning a bit of this property (with hot springs nearby, mmmmmm), makes us wish we could have a piece of the action on this one. Seriously, we cannot imagine a more beautiful spot to call your own. One could subdivide, buy just a portion, there is so much flexibility regarding this particular property and we haven't even gotten around to telling you about the perks yet! There is a lagoon, a waterfall, year-round creeks, nati ve hardwood and pine trees abound as does bamboo, ferns and the delicious Mora berry bushes!

This property is a steal, if you want the entire parcel ($4,230 USD per acre)! We challenge you to find similar acreage ANYWHERE, with utilities, a micro-hydroelectric plant, a new home, a large metal outbuilding with built-in watchman's quarters, road access and absolutely beautiful 360 degree vistas at such a bargain-basement price along with the opportunity for a subdivision.

Moving up north a bit, to Region IX (the Lakes District) on a main highway leading to the quaint town of Villarrica about 3.5 km outside of town, is a one-half hectare parcel. What makes this particular property desirable as well as unique is not only the new 4,000 sq.ft. building with great highway frontage but to the rear of the property of this well-built, modern and inviting building is a lovely, modern 3,000 sq. ft. two year old custom-built home complete with an in-ground swimming pool! The home is fully fenced and quite private, so there is no need to worry about people wandering over to the house after dinner or shopping.

This home was built with no costs spared and this is some spread! The graceful two-story home has everything one could ask for. There is a lovely living room, a dining room, a family room, a private office area and a guest bathroom. The maid's quarter's with private bath is just off the large, open kitchen with breakfast nook, island, pantry and oversized laundry room. Upstairs you will find a large master bedroom ensuite, closet space galore, a guest room also with a full bathroom ensuite, three bedrooms that share one bath and…. Well, there is simply too much to list!

This is a must-see-it-to-believe-it home. Imagine having your own business within walking distance of your fully-fenced home. Asking price? How does $320,000 USD for this entire set-up sound? Now this is a REALLY fine deal, wouldn't you agree? The family is motivated to sell and since they would like a quick sale, this is almost too good to be true!

Cabanas on Three Acres – $330,000 USD

If its cabins you want here are eight of them on a nicely maintained three acre property. It is located close to the lake and comes with a swimming pool too!

A Nice Little Bed & Breakfast! – $200,000 USD

Also in the Lakes District, a main tourist location in a town on the shores of a beautiful sunny lake is a 12+ bed Bed and Breakfast or "Hospedaje" as they are called here. This B&B has eleven+ years worth of operating history and it has been written up in most of the tourist publications on Chile as well. The current operators say you can unplug the phone and still have a steady stream of new and repeat customers walk through the door.

This business includes the sale of the property and you can begin making money from day one. It would also be quite possible to add some additional rooms to this B&B since there is more room in the back of the property. This B&B is located in an International Tourist destination, thus it lends itself to an International (read: English-speaking) owner/investor. The asking price is just over $200,000 USD for everything. You can even live here too!

Port of Call Business Opportunity – $110,000 USD

Next up is a business opportunity we stumbled upon in the port city of Valparaiso. Valparaiso has been named a World Heritage site and is a historic port city from the days before the Panama Canal. It is also a growing port for sea freight. This business is owned and operated by a Canadian man and his Chilean wife. The man's mother has recently become quite ill so it is necessary for him to return to Canada. Since he has no idea how long he will have to be in Canada, putting the business up for sale instead of trying to run it long-distance seemed to be a better idea for his family.

This is a combination Restaurant, Internet Cafe and International Telephone Center with a full alcohol license and it is an ideal business for a foreigner to own and operate since so many of its customers are from around the world. As a matter of fact, the owner feels it probably should be a foreigner who purchases this business. Valparaiso is one of the major shipping ports in Chile. It is also a Port of Call for the many cruise ship lines which have begun adding Chile to their itineraries in increasing numbers. This business specifically caters to the crews of the freighters and the cruise ships. As a matter of fact, after 8 pm each night, only ship’s crews are allowed inside.

Internet Cafes have become a "home-away-from-home” for many people, whether they are simply on vacation or work as crew on cargo ships or cruise liners. People DO like to stay connected with their families! Another sideline to this nice nest of businesses is they are allowed to sell (Duty-Free!) Premium for Export Only, Chilean Wines for the International sea travelers.