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Chile Investment, Relocation and Retirement Book
Flower in Pucon Chile

Ok, so you have perused our Chile-Yen website and, if you are at all like us, you have been exploring life alternatives in a variety of different countries. Perhaps you are interested in reading more in-depth about Chile, its infra-structure, the banking privacy, taxes, the ins and outs of buying or building a home at a fraction of USA prices. You would like to know what it is really like to live in Chile. Why would you want to move to or invest in Chile of all places? Well, we think we can answer the many questions your inquisitive mind may be harboring.

We have found only one other book on the subject of Chile as a place to Invest, Retire, live and/or work (it is also an E-book) and we bought that book over two years ago, when we were in your shoes. We are glad that we purchased that book. It had some good information and we might buy it again but that book was not from a perspective we particularly identified with. The Author seemed to approach living in Chile from a totally different angle than we preferred. We would not be satisfied with a small pre-fab house on a tiny lot close to Santiago or an apartment in the "older section" of this great city. It appeared to us that the author was a single gentleman and his definition of "living" is somewhat different from ours. There is nothing wrong with his ideas for some people but it just wasn't for us.We would recommend that you purchase BOTH books because they offer a windfall of information which will help you in your search for knowledge. For a relatively few dollars, we guarantee you will get your money's worth. You just can't get this type of information anywhere else. If you ARE like us,  married, with a family and/or you prefer to "live" a bit and you like some style in your life, then I think that our book will have more relevance for you. We can show you how to have this kind of life without breaking the bank. It IS possible to live the type of life in Chile that you could only dream about in the USA!

We can show you how to trade in your current life for a life of luxury and style but on a quite reasonable budget. You can have so much more quality of life here in Chile than the type of life your money would afford you in the USA. Trade up and we will share our experiences, show you exactly how we did "move on up!" Whether you prefer the views of spectacular mountains and forests, like those found in Chile's Lakes District or a home on a beautiful golf course with all types of resort-lifestyle amenities, a beach, a home  overlooking the Pacific Ocean--- we can guide you as you walk on any Chilean path.

We have learned about the medical services, doctors, medications, dentistry, health insurance, buying a new car, designing and building a home, the Chilean tax system, social security (did you know that you can still get your Social Security checks, even when you are living in Chile?) It may also be possible for you to purchase a home in Chile with your 401K or IRA!

It is also quite possible that monetary considerations are secondary to your adventure. There is much to be said for the experience of relocating to a new country, especially Chile. If any of these ideas are where your interests lie then purchase our information packed E-book and get started on your journey!

Perhaps the idea of living a life you thought you could only dream about, in a TRUE Paradise intrigues you but you do not know how or where to begin. We can help. We are more than happy to share our lessons and experiences with you. Perhaps you would like to know how a family such as ours, packed up our belongings, loaded two forty foot containers and sent them to two different ports in Chile, so we could get a feel for any differing Aduana (Customs) handling or management. We also managed to cut through what might at first seem to be miles of endless red tape. NOT! There are differences between the ports, we found. We would be more than happy to let you read all about it.

Are you looking for a quaint, modern get-away in the midst of a primal forest or are you interested in walking the beautiful sandy beaches in a resort location, equipped with every modern technological convenience? Do you want to "rough-it" a bit or do you prefer a big, modern international city, with its various forms of nightlife as well as services and business opportunities? We can tell you everything you will need to know and will advise you every step of the way.

Having already experienced practically every difficult or embarrassing moment possible as we moved our family to Chile, we offer an E-book that will give you the opportunity to forego the pitfalls we found along the route. Yes, we have met with numerous trials along the way and have lived to laugh and tell the stories!

For $24.95, less than a dollar a day for the next month, we will unlock our E-book vault and allow you a 30-day period to download our E-book. After that, the vault is locked. This book is the account of our move and our perceptions along the way, the lessons we learned and the experiences we gained. We intend to write new books on our adventures in Chile as it grows and as we make many new friends.

Join our network of friends here. Our growing group consists of many current Expatriates, future Expats and several who are in the process of moving. We are building a community and we hope you will become a part of it. Isn't this what life is really all about?

We made our choice and we don't regret one minute of it. We wouldn't go back if we were handed a million dollars. Well, maybe for a few weeks but seriously, we are in love with Chile and we would like to tell you why. Chile is not for everyone, thank God, but it is definitely for us. Maybe it is time that you see this for yourself.

Simply click on the "PayPal Subscribe" button below and within a few minutes you will be reading about Chile through our eyes. You are headed towards a great opportunity to experience and learn from the comfort of your castle. We hope you will like what you read as much as we love to tell everyone about it.

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 "Suffice it to say that we had growing
 concerns about the direction and politics of
 the USA. We have never been particularly
 politically-minded people. If anything, we feel
 one could say we were a-political and we had
 a reason for needing to be this way, which
 we will explain later. We aren’t folks who like
 to jump on bandwagons, we just wanted to
 live a life similar to our grandparents. They
 worked hard, played hard and so did we, but
 it was becoming more and more difficult to
 live in that world. Why? That was a big
 question and we wanted to find an answer."

   In the Beginning 
   The Journey Begins 
   Settling In
   The Investigation-Checking Under the Hood 
   Why Chile 
   Life’s Little (OR NOT SO LITTLE) Conveniences 
   Money Matters 
   Now for the “Mind” Thing 
   Why Leave the USA 
   Chilean Real Estate 
   Visas, Passports and Citizenship 
   Shipping Your Belongings 
   Tax Issues 
   Business Considerations, Investments and 
          Earning a Living 
   Health Care
   Life is Just a Manjar Panqueque, or Summing  
         Everything Up
   Sources of Information Pertaining to Chile

 "There are other areas in Chile with nice
 lots in decent subdivisions for about $10,000
 or less. With that and a nice little prefab
 house you could have a "Home Sweet Home," to call your own for less than $40k!"

 "He has Chilean real estate investments that
 have gone up over 20,000 percent since he
 purchased them."

 "First of all, it is important to emphasize that
 non-Chilean residents and/or citizens have
 the right to own real estate anywhere in Chile
 that Chilean citizens can own, which is almost
 anywhere. It is important to use an attorney
 (Abagado in Chile) to settle all the paperwork
 and make sure the title is clean and the
 transaction is properly recorded."

 "Chile has a modern communication and
 transportation system. A phone call to the US
 is only 12 to 15 cents a minute or Skype via
 a computer is 2 cents per minute. DSL
 connections exist everywhere and nearly
 everyone owns a cell phone."

 "People from all over the world have homes
 here in Chile. They leave them for months on
 end and when they return, everything is just
 as they left it. One of the things that really
 discouraged us from considering other
 countries, like Belize or Ecuador was that,
 unless you have hired a Caretaker to watch
 over or live IN your house, taking care of
 and guarding it every, single day, there would
 be nothing left of it when you return!"

 "Here you can own a modern wood home on
 5,000 square meters of land (a bit over an
 acre) with a pool, for between $86,000
 and $200,000 US depending on the size of
 the house and the location of the parcel.
 Keep in mind that we are in a private,
 community with underground utilities, a
 chlorinated private water supply, gardener
 and housekeeping services, etc., etc."